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Coyote Contracting and Renovation LLC has for over 15 years, helped the Tucson area improve their homes through renovations, remodeling, and additions.  Home additions are an investment, but a well-planned home addition will pay for itself time and time again. There’s a wide range of different types of home addition types to choose from. These can cover master suite additions, porch additions, closets and wardrobes, bathrooms, workshops, Arizona rooms, garages, and even adding a bonus room onto your garage. Each one of these additions comes with its own budget. To get a handle on how much a project can cost feel free to call Coyote Contracting and Renovation LLC. We are licensed, bonded, and ready to give a quote for your project. Many home addition contractors will try to tell you what a project will cost before even seeing the job site. Don’t fall into this trap, get a free quote from the Coyote Contractors for expert advice and the best estimations. We know our quality and integrity speaks for itself.

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Getting an addition to your Tucson home

So now you have a quote and are ready to get things moving. A conventional home addition is a multi-room structure that will be a permanent addition and blend into your home naturally. These additions are used to add guest bedrooms, bathrooms, and even extra family rooms onto your home. Each and every one will come with its own hurdles to jump during the course of the construction. Bigger projects will take longer to complete and some projects like porch additions can be relatively quick. Other projects like bump out additions and conventional home additions can take weeks or months to finish depending on the complexity of the job. We enjoy the process of working with the homeowner to find a schedule which works best for them.

Have any Questions?

The process of having a custom home built does not have to be daunting.Contact us today for a site evaluation, interior design services, or to just ask questions about what to expect with the process. We are here for you to see that the experience of building your new home is as enjoyable and transparent as it should be for anyone building a new home.

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Home Additions and Curb Appeal

Why get an addition to your home to begin with? One of the biggest considerations is the equity an addition can add to your home. With fluctuating property values it’s hard to say exactly what value a new addition can add to a home, but in the vast majority of cases, some portion of the addition will be recouped if or when you decide to sell your home. For instance “Remodeling” magazine pegs an attic bedroom addition at about $49,000 but determines it will add 80 percent of that in value to the home. Other simple home additions like adding a closet or wardrobe are cost-efficient and usually show a 100% return on your investment. Contact us today if you have questions or would like a free quote for your Tucson home addition.